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RPC Label Company, “no job too small or too large”
By Susan Hoffman

What sets RPC Label Company apart from others according to owner, Adam Ziegler, is their sterling reputation for exceptional customer service. Ziegler believes it’s all about personal attention. “Our customers deal directly with the owner, me, and I manage the process from the initial order all the way through to the shipment. So, I am hands- on from start to finish with their order to make sure they are 100% satisfied with the delivery times and the product,” said Ziegler.




With a desire to leave the corporate world behind and venture out on his own, Ziegler saw an opportunity to fill a niche market. “No one was doing it and that’s what got me going, said Ziegler. That untapped market was a segment of the labeling business. Ziegler had a friend in the agricultural business, who informed him about a recent policy development in the industry.


Specifically, it was a move toward standardization of labels that are adhered to the reusable plastic shipping containers.  Ziegler explained that a group of buyers originating with Kroger and Walmart, formed a coalition toward a more restrictive standardized style format that would be used on all shipping labels from grower to retailer. In other words, a label was needed that would not only hold up during fluctuating refrigeration conditions, but would also uniformly provide product information. The retailers wanted the overall appearance, including color and design, name and weight all in compliance with industry standard. The container manufacturer also needed a well- constructed label product with correct adhesive enabling it to remain attached when required and also be easily removable without leaving residue once it’s returned to the manufacturer for recycling.


Ziegler wanted to make it easy for all of the growers, packers and shippers to comply with the label requirements, which is why he went to great lengths to research and test the different label materials. “The manufacturers of the reusable plastic containers had been dissatisfied with the stickers [they were using] because they were leaving residue on the container after it went through their washing machines. The containers tend to look grubby and used, and bacteria could form from dirt sticking to the container which could jeopardize the produce in the container,” explained Ziegler.


In keeping with the customer convenience philosophy, RPC Label offers an online catalog of products. With the information at their finger- tips, customers can select, purchase, print and ship effortlessly.  Filling the needs of the customer has become Ziegler’s motto. As a broker, and manufacturer’s sales representative he is free to scour the market always on the lookout for something better.  What began as a product development challenge for the agricultural industry, has since grown into a custom labeling business that knows no boundaries. No job is too large or too small according to Ziegler. They are happy to do jobs as small as 100 runs and as large as 100,000 runs. They can develop and deliver a customized label for anybody. “RPC Labels can produce just about any kind of label you can think of,” stated Ziegler. They deal with small retail stores and large manufacturers all over the United States producing merchandise labels, bags, and private- label business. “The Sugar Factory in Las Vegas is our biggest customer, said Ziegler. “They buy custom shopping bags and promo items and private label items.” Ziegler said that they can private label any product.


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We custom create pressure sensitive labels for warehousing, agriculture, food, beverage, and more. Whether your operation needs labels for quick changeover, a robust environment, or ultra long runs, we can create an affordable label on the right material for you. We partner with our machinery manufacturers to bring the latest labeling techniques and services straight to you.

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