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The advantages of RPClabel.com

Why standardization of RPC labels? 

Currently, grower/shipper/packers use their own label to identify produce, and other required information regarding the product, on the outside of the RPC when shipped to retailers. These labels vary in content and layout, making it difficult to quickly identify critical information.The RPC Label Standardization Guidelines were developed to improve the label in the following areas: 

1.  Location of Information
2.  Completeness of Information
3.  Functionality of Labels 

The RPC poolers determined that creating an industry-wide label standard would address the issues noted above and also offer a label that could be easily and cost-effectively produced. 

How to get in compliance with your Retailer? 

Here at RPClabel.com we’ve made it easy for growers, packers and distributors of RPC’s meet the required labeling formats requested by their retailers. Below is the required label format for Stater Bros. The Yellow label is used to identify Organic Produce. Other retailers are also using similar formats.        

What retailers require specific RPC labeling standards? 

Currently Kroger, Stater Bros, Wal Mart and Safeway.  The label is 2 x 10.5 inches. Black and White unless the produce your shipping is Organic.  A yellow label is used for quick identification of Organic produce. Below is a picture of the label design that is most commonly used to comply with standardization. Proper placement of the label is required along the long and short wall of the RPC.

With RPClabel.com you can easily create labels in three easy steps.

1.  Contact RPClabel.com and provide us your commodities and pack counts
2.  Obtain your unique user name and password to log in to your LABEL CREATOR site. You can do this from any computer or handheld device that has internet acces.
3.  Select the commodity your shipping for that day
4.  Select the additional drop down menus for Lot# and Pack Dates
5. Click Print or Purchase label 

The system automatically generates the above label with the growers/distributors information. Included are optional uploads for GTIN/GS1databar for PTI compliance. 

To the right are screen shots of how are database works online. Once your labels have been created/printed. Your order can easily be looked up by our order tracking system. 

Custom label designs for any other products can de easily created for any type of industry. Printing can be done in house or purchased through RPClabel.com. We have 24 hour turnaround times and unmatched printing capabilities. 

Our Manufacturer has an extensive selection of presses and the ability to convert a wide range of materials up to 17" wide, from basic smudge-proof face stocks to exotic films. RPClabel.com can satisfy your pressure sensitive needs from blank up to 8 colors. We also help to eliminate expensive tooling costs and reduce turn around time with an inventory that includes almost 4,000 dies. 

As the only vertically integrated label manufacturer in the Western United States, Our Manufacturing printer partner has a strong advantage in delivering rigid quality control, industry leading response times and competitive pricing. With a customer base of over 400 distributors and resellers, no order is too small or too big. Through continuous investments in their employees and technological capabilities, they have stayed ahead of the curve in the fast changing print industry. By using these strengths to provide great service to their distributors  and their customers, they will continue to be a leader in the industry for years to come.



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