Produce labels for some of the largest western growers


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Every year, we make millions of produce labels for some of the largest western growers of fruits and vegetables.

Our expertise in the agriculture market extends past the latest manufacturing techniques. We understand how challenging operational factors such as just-in-time production and unpredictable field circumstances impact your label requirements.

Whether it's PLU's, barcodes, GS-1 data bar codes, or two sided clamshell labels, we can create the right label to suit your packaging needs.

We can accommodate:
  • FDA labeling guidelines
  • Organic and country of origin requirements
  • Piggyback pallet labels
  • Cross-border logistics

Ask us about

  • Custom Adhesives for Textured Produce 
    Because we manufacture our own pressure sensitive label material, we can customize adhesive labels for textured produce, like cantaloupe, at 40% lower cost than traditional label converters.
  • Direct/Indirect Food Contact Labels
    We use a variety of FDA approved adhesives for direct and indirect food contact and we ensure compliance ensured with 21 CFR 175.105. Our quality control processes identify and eliminate flagging and de-lamination problems.
  • Two-sided Printing
    Our two-sided printing combines premium branding and imaging with crystal-clear reverse side nutrient information.
  • Clear Labels
    Give customers a better view of your product with our cost effective line of clear labels. Heavy ink lay-downs and additional coating can give you a multiple dimensional effect without sacrificing transparency.
  • Pressure Sensitive Paper Labels
    If you needquick SKU changes, vivid color, or moisture resistance, our pressure sensitive labels are the most cost effective solution.


Our Story

"The leading labeling solutions provider for Reusable Plastic Containers and the perishable foods industry"


RPCLabel.com specializes in providing low cost printing of Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) labels, PLU labeling , clamshells, corrugated containers and more. We're committed to providing the Grower / Shipper access to the most updated "Standardized" RPC Label format provided by our nationwide network of RPC pooling companies, the RPA ( Reusable Packaging Association ) and our retailer relationships. Create, Order and Save thousands of dollars on your RPC Labels. It's your business that keeps us in business and we're grateful for the opportunity to make this part of your operations easy and worry-free.


Our Leadership


RPC Label.com L.L.C. is leading the way in providing an industry tested and approved RPC Label solution. RPCLabel.com in conjunction with and in collaboration with retailers and manufacturers of RPC's has developed an RPC tagging solution that meets the ever-changing requirements of the perishable foods industry. The goal was to establish a standardized label throughout the industry to meet the needs of both the grower/shipper and retailers. The final results for best practices and guidelines for RPC labels can be found here at RPCLabel.com. Inclusive in each of the formats are the information fields to be populated to industry specification. This will ensure consistent and sufficient information throughout the supply chain.


RPC Label.com’s online label creation page provides our customers an easy three step process in creating the label format. Click on the drop down menus or simply type the information into the boxes provided. Select a preview of your label and order online or print the label in house, it’s that easy!


RPClabel.com is a solutions provider for labeling of Reusable Plastic Containers for the benefit of the grower packer/distributor, retailer and wash facilities of RPC's.

Why standardization of RPC labels? 

Currently, grower/shipper/packers use their own label to identify produce, and other required information regarding the product, on the outside of the RPC when shipped to retailers. These labels vary in content and layout, making it difficult to quickly identify critical information.The RPC Label Standardization Guidelines were developed to improve the label in the following areas: 

1.  Location of Information
2.  Completeness of Information
3.  Functionality of Labels 

The RPC poolers determined that creating an industry-wide label standard would address the issues noted above and also offer a label that could be easily and cost-effectively produced. 

How to get in compliance with your Retailer? 

Here at RPClabel.com we’ve made it easy for growers, packers and distributors of RPC’s meet the required labeling formats requested by their retailers. Below is the required label format for Stater Bros. The Yellow label is used to identify Organic Produce. Other retailers are also using similar formats.        

What retailers require specific RPC labeling standards? 

Currently Kroger, Stater Bros, Wal Mart and Safeway.  The label is 2 x 4 inches Black and White unless the produce your shipping is Organic.  A yellow label is used for quick identification of Organic produce. Below is a picture of the label design that is most commonly used to comply with standardization. Proper placement of the label is required along the long and short wall of the RPC.

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